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About Wonful

Bringing Innovation and Agility to Governments and Enterprise Organizations

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Agile helps you build high quality products... but it doesn't make sure you're building the right product. Don't accidentally build the best wrong thing.

Lean Startup

Use the "Build, Measure, Learn" Loop to validate ideas, iterate quickly, and be less wasteful while still tackling big projects.


Customer Development

Everyone says you're supposed to go "talk to customers..." But how do you actually do it? How do you pull unbiased information from them?

Liberating Structures

Tired of sitting through boring presentations, never-ending status reports, and ineffective meetings? It doesn't have to be that way.

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  • "Thank you for bringing your creative talent to the State of Washington."

    Governor Jay Inslee, State of Washington

  • "Your project is the largest and most promising regulatory reform project we have underway in State government right now."

    Cheryl Smith, Senior Policy Advisor, Department of Commerce

How We Work With You

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Anywhere from 1 hour to 1 week, these highly experiential, hands-on training workshops give your team practical skills and tools they can start using to solve problems right away.


Embedded Engagements

When you learn to run, sometimes you fall. We will spend weeks or months embedding with your team to catch them when they do, help them figure out what happened, and get them back on their feet.

One on One Coaching

Whether you're helping an A Player become an A+ Player, your B Players become A Players, or you need help figuring out the best ways to manage your new Agile team, if you want the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time... there is no substitute for one on one coaching.

Meeting Facilitation

Do you have an important meeting coming up? Whether it's to brainstorming a new product, reporting on the status of projects, or determining the future of your organization, Wonful can come in as experienced, neutral facilitators to help you unlock your potential.

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Examples of Trainings

What sort of trainings are you interested in?

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Implementing The Build-Measure-Learn Loop

Establishing a Pull Based Culture

Prioritizing Prototypes

Introduction to the Pre-Agile Design Loop

How to Perform Customer Interviews

Meeting Facilitation Techniques

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Quotes from our Customers

  • "Working with Wonful is everything we wanted and more. Your work is definitely sending out an awesome and productive reverb throughout the State."

    Ben Vaught, Program Director, State of Washington

  • I really enjoyed your workshop, and really appreciated all of the ideas and activities you introduced. I know I’ll be making use of them!

    Zach Smith, Director of Technology and Innovation, Substantial.


Zac has become an expert at teaching early stage product validation and customer development through similar work as a Partner at LIFFFT, running the Seattle Customer Development Meetup, and while working for Startup Weekend at their HQ in Seattle. When he’s not changing the world at Wonful, he’s training parkour and doing backflips, traveling the world, and running events comics kostenlosen deutsch.

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Zachary Cohn


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Fisher specializes in user generated design and social invention. He spent five years leading the Washington Health Foundation’s innovation and product development initiatives and contributes to the development of the Liberating Structures methodology herunterladen. His repertoire of inclusive approaches makes it possible to include many people in producing highly desirable solutions tierfilme kostenlosen.

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